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A Chicago Halfway House,
Recovery Home or Sober Living Home?

A Halfway House. A Recovery Home. A Sober Living Home in Chicago.

Are they all the same thing?

Well, they all have many things in common. They are all sober/clean, communal living. All three will have house rules such as; remaining clean and sober, curfews, house chores, participating in a recovery plan and getting along with and respecting others.

Since a Halfway House in Chicago is typically for someone who requires a higher level of care, there is a counselor on staff, inflexible curfews, and required multiple house meetings or groups. Chicago Recovery Homes are similar, but generally don’t have counselors.

Sober Living Homes are intended for people who are highly motivated to stay clean and sober. Bridges is designed to enable our clients to integrate their recovery into their lives. Typically, our clients are one step closer to transitioning to getting their own apartment, moving back in with their significant others or otherwise getting back to living self sufficiently.

While Bridges doesn’t have a counselor on staff, we are extremely well connected with the treatment community and can personally refer our clients to almost any recovery resources they may need.

Begin your new clean and sober life at Bridges today!